Scene of crime

I decided to go to the island in the main pond to have a look at what remained of the Canada goose nest following this mornings attack by Otters.

A sad sight really ! From the Otter’s point of view it was clearly a good feed , on the other hand unless the geese try again it is the end of this breeding season for them.

It is only speculation but we think the eggs might have been one to two weeks from hatching.

Difficult to be sure as a Carrion crow made off with an egg or part egg soon after the Otters were finished but it looked as if there had been six or seven eggs in the clutch.

The bereaved couple !

I was on the island about two hours after the event and that is when I took these photos.

My mode of transport . As I write this I can see the geese out of the study window and they seem to be contentedly eating grass , life goes on !!!



2 Responses

  1. You have Otters coming to the pond ? Does this happen often ?? 🙂

    • yes Rachel , actually only the third time that I have seen them on the pond but I suspect that they probably visit other times and we dont see them , I guess that they just use the pond as a dropping off point when travelling maybe between the Tyne and Irthing river systems ?? though I dont pretend to know much about Otter behaviour. The first witnessed visit was some years ago, as I said in the post, when they went with Coot eggs !
      Looks like you had a great trip to Gambia !! nice photos

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