Autumn mists and mellow fruitfulness

First frost of the Autumn here this morning ,

Time to give some thought to preparations for the bird feeding equipment and schedules for the oncoming winter , how can we be needing to do that whilst it is still just August !!!


Coincidence ?

Over the weekend I listened to an interesting wildlife programme on Radio 4 about Little owls, included was several instances of the birds calling and upon hearing the call it made me realise that it was a sound that we heard occasionally here during the night.

Last night during one wakeful period I heard this call several times , now I am pretty sure that I was awake and not dreaming !! We have recorded Little owl here before , though not many times and it might have been when our son lived at home, he was much better at recognising bird calls than I have ever been. But it is clear to me now that this species is about here much more than I previously thought. The above image is not mine by the way .