A little out of the ordinary

You do, of course, get huge variations in the plumage of pheasants, though it always seems more commonly seen in the males, this female is an attractive alternative to the norm.

Here she was this afternoon happily sat atop the cotoneaster tucking into the berries. Much darker than the ones that usually frequent the garden.


Interesting day

Apart from the lovely Waxings yesterday, seen on a couple of occaisons , another , slightly interesting observation, was recording five members of the Corvid family on the one day. A small flock of Jackdaws flew over in the morning, quite high up and calling otherwise I would never have noticed them. A couple of Ravens were about on and off through the day and we had Magpies and Jays scavenging for food in the garden all day. The Jays actually cling on the peanut feeders and eat the nuts. And the fifth, the ever present Carrion crows.

Beautiful winter visitors

A small flock of waxwings briefly in the garden five minutes ago, striking birds !