Best day of the year so far

In terms of the total number of species seen in a single day , today has been the best of the year so far. Thirty four different birds, about ten short of our best ever single day total but still a decent number.

We also recorded four species for the first time since they returned after the winter away , House and Sand martin , our breeding Sedge warblers are back and we heard the first Cuckoo.

Also notable was recording seven species of the finch family in a day , Chaffinch, Greenfinch, Goldfinch, Bullfinch, Siskin, Linnet and Redpoll.

Our female Canada goose is sitting tight on a nest of eggs with her mate patrolling the pond and surrounding area. There is a pair of Little Grebe, seemingly breeding again as well as at least a couple of pairs of Moorhen.

Whilst it is nice to be able to see Otters, we are hoping not to get a visit to the pond as we did at this time last year which resulted in the decimation of all the water birds nests !!!

Of course the lovely sunny weather has helped, please may it continue a while yet !!


Wintery weather

The swans returned following the last spell of icy weather on Jean’s birthday, 23rd Jan.  but spent only a few days on the pond before the ice returned.

In this, admittedly pretty awful photo, we see them waddling across the frozen over water just before taking flight and disappearing again. That they quickly return once we have open water again makes us hopeful that they intend to spend the breeding season with us.

Chaffinchs queueing on a gutter in todays snowy conditions, waiting their turn on the bird feeders, all of which were very busy all day long.